Yup Still in one place Taking spanish classes has been challenging but is helping my understanding.

Saturday was a day to hang out in Oaxaca city and enjoy. They have been filming a movie about Oaxaca and General Morelas. So that was fun to watch.

Lots of trucks and staff to make the movie.

Santa Dimingo Church.

Great doors in Oaxaca….

Then checking out the Hotel El Camino Real.

Set up for a wedding!

A really cool dining room with pots taking up one wall.

Then A drive out to check out some of the nearby sites. This is Tule or the big tree which is over 2,000 years old.

This little girl was using a mirror to point out various “faces” and shapes that you can “see” in the tree trunk.

And the hotel next door is called “before the baby Jesus”

Then off to “Teotitlan de Ville” or an area that is famous for making the wool yarn and rugs. This woman spent 45 minutes explaining in spanish (which I could understand most of!!) how they get the wool, die the wool with plants, roots, flowers etc. Very interesting.

and then how they get the parasites from catcus to make the red dyes!! Really interesting!

How they weave the Patterns and designs.

Then the Sales Pitch

Lots of cool patterns and designs.

Decided I could use one for my entry way when I return, and one of the guys from the team was still here and said he would haul it home for me!! The symbols are for lightening and rain

Really cool buildings as well!

Just about ready to head into the Zocalo to check out the music, people, and meet up with my last Amigo from Oregon before he flies home tomorrow!