Needed to keep rolling down the coast today. We are riding on Mexico 200 which takes us through Mexican state of Michoacan. This particular road had some issues with travelers in the recent past. We read the stories, talked with the locals, and decided to ride this way anyway. We left early to ride through during the morning hours which are certainly safest times by all accounts. We were a bit apprehensive during the ride, just because of all the thoughts. Fear is a funny thing, but we were both a bit more on guard. This takes its away some of the fun factor.

Mileage about 270 Miles. Our longest riding day.

Weather: morning was nice but got very hot and humid.

We said goodbye to Spencer and Mary and their dog “boots” he had dress up in a festive way the night before. Thanks for sharing your home, giving us a tour of things, your favorite places!! Great!! Thanks!!

So many of the towns have large entrances with sculptures like Tecoman.

As we ride down the main road through town. It is under construction This happens a great deal. So we wonder a few streets over, and work around it.

Did not get lots of photos, as we kept moving. There were some great views but nowhere to really get a good photo.

Very lush and green. I really enjoyed this day of riding.

Beautiful coastline.

We say several of these billboards on this rural road. Not exactly sure but guessing these are government signs about drug dealers they were seeking or caught.

EDITED: was told: It’s offering a reward of 30 million pesos for information leading to their capture. All the faces have been painted over by “F.M.” or La Familia Michoacana, the cartel that controls that area, as all those faces are cartel leaders.

We stopped at a roadside snack “tienda”. What a great view with a cooler sea breeze.

They had an outside kitchen set up.

Going to Zihautanejo.

It was really warming up as we rode into town, and found the Hostel someone recommended but it was closed. We road back to the main road, and found a hotel. The owner is a BMW rider and was just up in Durango for the BMW rally. He was very friendly and warm. His daughters were helping at the hotel and were great!!
Thanks Edgar and your lovely family!