We were continuing down the coastline on Mexico 200. We are leaving early at first light to be in the cool of the day. Trying to quit riding by 1PM ish. Usually with our riding gear it gets really hot and sweaty. Wearing us down. Plus we want some time to relax an explore the town a bit.

Mileage: 150ish.

Weather: Sunny warm 85-90 degrees and very humid for a couple guys from the PNW.

We stayed in a basic motel last night. about $26.00 for two with A/C so we could rest.

The owner Edgar covered our bikes for us after we retired for the night. Thanks Edgar for watching out for us!!

We stopped at the XOXO for Coffee in the AM.

There are many pay Bano’s at the Pemex and stores. This one had a self pay situation, cost me 5 pesos or less than 50 cents.

The Mexico 200 has lots of little towns all with there markets.

then rolling along the coast. Kind of reminded me of the PCH in California with no people

It is dias de Muertos. Day of the dead. We saw lots of flowers and people going to the Cemeteries to pay respect for those loved ones that have died. Of course for me, I was thinking about my lovely late wife. Wanted to stop and add some flowers to my bike in her honor (but knew they would just blow apart)

Ran into a “quota” or pay section of the road that cost us about $1.50 for just a few miles. But did not feel like backtracking.

Waiting at some road construction with the Federale Police car in front of us. We were behind him for awhile then he let us pass him, by pulling over

Along the small downs you will see people selling items to passerby’s but also some beggars as well. This guy had his Day of the dead costume on.

Many of the shrines on the side of the road had lots of flowers today. look at this one behind the white car.

Lots and lots of flowers today.

We rolled into a hotel in Pie de la Cuesta. Villa Roxanna (was part of Villa Nirvana). Roseanne is the owner and is Great!!
It is a clean hotel near the water (1 block), pool and with honor system for water or beer near the pool.

We were hot and sweaty (remember we are a couple of older guys from the PNW ) So it was time or a swim in the pool.

Cerveza Por Vor !!

couple artistic shots while lounging in the pool!

Also had to do a little checking as one of my extra lights quit working.

down to the beach to check it out!

Today is Dias de muertos. Day of the dead.

Here i am buying some of the flowers they sell. Note the tall white legged gringo.

In honor of my lovely Late wife. Serious look, as I am still grieving her loss. Miss her dearly .

We decided to stay two nights hear and have a day off. Relax, Catch up on the internet, and make some calls. I am attending a language School in Oaxaca next week and needed to call and confirm the details.