This was a travel day for us to make some miles and get down close to Oaxaca.

Mileage about 300

Weather was cool in the morning but hot and humid in the afternoon.

We rode up on the mountains to avoid riding through Acapulco as we had been told this by quite a few people. It added to our mileage but was a great day riding in Mexico.

We were packed and ready to ride before 7 am. But then Sam’s bike would not start, tried jumping it with my bike but did not really have enough juice to do it for some reason. We finally flagged down a cab and pulled him in and made the jump

Then we were off riding in the cool weather.

Rode the two lane road up into the mountains about 60 miles then turned and headed south back down to Mexico 200.

It was lush and green with great mountain scenery.

All along the roads and towns people are working. Hand cutting the brush on the side of the roads with machete’s and wooden rack like tools.

Always have to watch out for road construction. This one had some logs in teh road to let you know

Other times the road has some big potholes to watch for.

The Donkeys, Dogs or horses are also out on the road.

Riding into the State of Oaxaca….

This is for my friend Howard. Lots of water jugs being hauled around so that people had clean water to drink. I assume even the locals do not drink the water here. Saw lots of Pick ups carrying water

Still decorations for the day of the dead!

We also rode through a cattle drive down the main hwy 200.

was a great day.

The “Topes” which you get very tired of, as there are many and many unmarked. They are marking them as “reductors” down here.

we rolled into Puerto Escondido with is a seaside beach town about 5PM. Lots of young people here for the sand and surf. got settled into the Mayflower Hotel which is on the edge of the walking district.