Had a great rest day in Puerto Escondido. It is a “touristy” beach town on The pacific ocean.

We stayed at the Hotel Mayflower, just a block from the beach.

Ready to take a walk around town.

Nice clean streets….

Still memorials from Dias de Muertas

Breakfast in town at “Hectors” as we walked to the bank, he talked us into eating at his restaurant. Good Job Hector or as he calls himself “Hector the protector”.

we at the beach!

The hotel is part hotel and part Hostel. So there were more travelers than we had encountered the whole trip. Let me introduce Josh and Lindsay from Hobart, Tasmania Australia. Great young couple exploring the world. Had a really great conversation.

Another shot for my friend Howard. Since water is not clean out of the Tap, we have seen the water jugs everywhere. just tip and fill your pitcher or water bottle.

Sam enjoying the security of the tourist police just down the block.

Flowers to smell!!

Lots of boats on the main beach.

Dinner time, sitting at the beach enjoying the scenery. Nice sunset.

The table next to us were two couples vacationing from Canada. Ray and Sophia, and Fleming and Lynn

being a tourist spot, all the vendors had tons of stuff for sale.

We had been introduced to the meat on the Rotisserie. Yummy stuff.

we spent the evening taking with other travelers. Great time in this little town. We will be riding up to Oaxaca this morning and we are looking forward to the city and the elevation.