Have not written much the last week as I have been busy seeing family and friends. I stayed with my Brother and his wife and kids. Was great to see them. The kids are full of energy and wanted “uncle Mark” be involved in all the fun games around the house.

My older brother got them hooked on Angry Birds on his last visit (i have never played the game…not my thing). Eddie held up her bird, says; “Angry Bird Power” it was very cute

Her little brother also wanted in on the photos

Helped my brother with a chore at home.

and somehow I got the coveted Rat on my bed.

While I was in Seattle I also got to see my childhood friend Steve and his daughter Lucy. I am very blessed to have friendships that go back to when I was a child. They had stood the test of time, even if we no longer live in the same places. We catch up easily with each others lives.

Just think Lucy will be a couple years older next time I see her!

Then I head back down to Portland to catch up with childhood friend Brooke and his wife Deb as they visit another friend Diana.

Had a great evening of dinner, conversation and some wine

Had a special treat of a fancy bottle of wine…

Brooke checking it out before we indulge

Great spending time with good friends. Truly I have been blessed with great friends in my life. Moments to be cherished.

Was hoping to have my 1150GSA to ride for the weekend, but I took it in last week to BMW of Tigard for a new front Ball joint and steering head bearing. The examined it and the front A frame is bent (know i did this on OBDR back in 2008). So no parts available in the USA. Only in Germany sounds like my recent story. No bike to ride long distance, so I drive up to south Whidbey Island to relax for the weekend.

Arrive to a beautiful sunset. (sorry for the bad photos…just did not want to stop).

Taking the weekend to just stop, relax and reflect on life. It is strange being back in town as I was not planning to be here for 1-2 years. Since I have leased my house, and all my routines are gone….. It is strange to be here. Also reflecting on the life I had and how it is mostly all gone Just the reality of my life. Have many blessing to be thankful for, and the adventure that I am on, so that is all good. But I really miss Chris and the relationship that we had together. While on the road these feelings fade away, as I engage in the journey. Looking forward to being back on the road