After a great evening at Skip and Cathy’s home, we had some great coffee in the morning and headed over to Iron horse at 9am. Cathy was headed out for a dirt bike ride in her new “fancy Pants” Klim riding pants. They were so new and clean.

At Iron Horse BMW, They we waiting on a new throttle body set to arrive this AM, then get it all finished up by around Noonish. That had been the plan from couple weeks ago. Anxious to get going, but they need the time to get the engine in correctly and then we would be off.

Old Engine sitting on the ground and new one in the bike.

The parts arrived while we were there

Had purchased a longer front brake line cross over at Touratech and was going to have them install if they had time. They were swamped so it was a wait and see.

Both Sam and I went through our gear and repacked. Took care of some details in town, and then waited for the call

We were getting hungry so Skip took us to his local hang out for a very good burger. Will be the last America Burger for sometime and Sam was enjoying every bite!!

While I was out in the AM on Cathy’s 800GS, I saw this huge globe. Had to stop for a photo or I would regret it

Right Here now in the “Tucson Triangle”

Headed south down here, and to the end of Argentina.

Then over to Africa…….

India, China, Mongolia and ?

About 2 PM they called and it was ready but they could not get to the brake line until later….. Decided to head over and get the bike, and do the brake like and fender raise at Skip and Cathy’s. will talk about this more later, but they have been amazing generous Hosts and we have had a great time with them!!

Lots of paperwork that Jim needed to get done for the warranty stuff, and then I was out on the road riding Engine sounds great!!! Just need to break it in properly on the way down into Mexico, do a 600 Mile oil change and enjoy the new engine.

Skip and then Sam jumped in to help me install the new longer brake line, and the adjustment to the front fender position. By 4:30 we were done, and my bike was packed. Sam had waited patiently

We rode the 120 miles south to Douglas, Az where we will cross the Border into Mexico in the morning!!

Time for me to get some sleep before our long awaited crossing into Mexico and the next part of this adventure!!