We had a great ride down the Canyon yesterday, and now we get to do it again in reverse

We will be traveling around 200 Miles today knowing it will take Us about 3 hours to make the 42 Km up the Canyon.

Weather is Sunny and in the mid 70’s up to 80’s (know that it has been getting colder back in the PNW— so I am truly following the sun into South America!)

First order of business is to top off our tanks with “Gasolina”. we saw a sign on the way in, so we headed there. But it was closed and later we were told it was only for Government.

But after being directed a few blocks away to a house that was supposed to sell Gasolina. we got a No Gasolina. Then back through town plaza over the bridge and we found another place with Gasolina out of large plastic container. the Senorita at the store blew into the tube at the top to get the suction going We paid $216 Peso ($16.00 US) or about 4 gallons of Gas. But now we know we can make it all the way out of the canyon.

Up the road we ride!!

Beautiful Day in Copper Canyon.

More local people out walking in the middle of nowhere.

Just taking it all in!

“Ruta Muerte Sam”

Bridge at the bottom….

Left a little marking that we made it there!!

Sam adding has signature as well!

Heading up the canyon ….. Amazing

Their is a little restaurant part way up the ay. Would have been fun to stop and eat with that view…. but we have a ways to go!

Up and Up we go…

Amazing views.

Got to the construction zone. Today is Monday so they are working. Lots more rocks and debris as they repair the road.

Back on Pavement again…… Heading for Parral. We had the roads to ourselves.

Heading out of the Pemex (national mexican gas stations)

We stop at a “Teinda” which are the small stores to get a drink.

This is a guy that that Sam met.

He had the boots that Sam was drooling over. His wife got a big laugh at Sam.

These are the cookies that Sam got hooked on.

It opens up as we go.

Fortunately we are on the right road. The GPS has proven a bit unreliable even with the Garmin Mexico Maps.

Churches in many of the small towns.

many of the small towns had signs coming and going.

As we road into