Riding south to Durango.

Mileage: 240 Miles

Weather: stills unny and warm mid 70’s

Started our day with Real Coffee and an Omelet.

Sam was enjoying the Weather Girl while we eat dinner.

Sams friend Jorge who cleaned his bike while we packed

as we got on the road we saw a large truck crash.

Not all the Topes are marked, so you have to watch for them

The road was wide open on the way.

at the edge of Durango was a cool wall.

and a sign. Durango is the “Land of heros”

Fortunately we had PM’d with SR and he recommended a hotel Plaza Catedral in center of town. This shot was later in the evening!

After we stopped on the street and I went to check in. I told Sam to Follow me………..

We rode right down the pedestrian area and into the lobby to park our bikes securely.

Got a room with a balcony looking right at the Cathedral

Looking down on the lobby. Internet only works in the lobby.

Rates are posted.

Had to walk around and play tourist

SR also recommended a great restaurant Tia Chong 5 blocks south of the hotel.

Day of the Dead.

Trying new Beverages

Dinner is served.


spices to add to the soup.

Walking around town.

Room with a view.