Just going back and posting photos from our day in Durango. It was our day off of riding , so we rested and then headed out to see some sights.

First for a little breakfast.

walking around town. Interesting facades on the main pedestrian area.

Walked into a shop ….. They are getting ready for Christmas already It’s October….

Our Hotel is on the main walking plaza. They were out cleaning the tile all day. Very clean and nice.

And some more sights.

Another cathedral

I had to find a washer for my bike, and found a Hardware store. When you buy something in the store to talk to the clerk they find what you need, write up a ticket, then you go stand in line and pay at cashier, then come back and get your merchandise. Learning the ways of Mexico

Stole this from Arno’s RR because I have not seen one even though Sam told me that is what you are supposed to do.

We were relaxing, uploading and posting photos in the Lobby, and Sam kept asking the front desk gal about how to pronounce spanish words.

Later in the afternoon we spot our first Gingo’s. Turns out this is Schizman and Mark from ADV. We had a great time getting to talk with them, then we went to dinner together.

The Manager of the hotel gave us stickers of the hotel.

Our room had a view out over one of the main plaza’s and the Cathedral.