I am still getting better after the effects of Montezuma’s Revenge. Did not have any appetite for food but I did eat a lttle bit at dinner, so I was mainly staying hydrated.

We rode about 170 miles to day and it was really hot and humid when we quit riding just afternoon. I need to take a rest and let my body catch up. But I did feel better today.

Not feeling well takes a toll as you do not think or act normally (some might say that is normal for me) But I did not really take any photos and after my afternoon rest was filled with thoughts about the trip, life, my wife etc. As with anyone who takes on a trip like this, I assume that it is normal. When not feeling well, thinking of life back in the comfort zone sounds good. It is a temporary set of thoughts I know. But I wanted to talk about them, as they are part of the journey as well.

We are now headed down the Mexico Coastline, as Sam needs to be in Cancun to fly to his Niece’s wedding with My bike issues it has sped up are ride through Mexico faster than we both wanted, but it is OK as it is part of the adjustments that we needed to make. He will return and ride further south with me, and we will slow the pace down.

Before we left the roadside hotel in Villa Union. It was not much but it had air conditioning and was clean. I was so worn out with this sickness, I just needed to sleep. Just ask; Sam.

Not many pictures from the road, as I was fully concentrating on riding.But this was a Traiffic Polici on an old bike.

Sam’s new favorite roadside store. It has coffee for his addiction

We arrived in San Blas about 1 (which changed with the time zone so it was 2). Had time to rest and then walk about town. Loved this cathedral. OSHA would love the ladder arrangement on the top

Town Square!

Finding hotels in this area can be a challenge as you head down these streets it is hard to judge what the places are like. We have been using recommendations and lonely planet.

We are staying at Casa Roxanna Bungalows. It is slightly more than we have been paying, but by far the nicest, with large room, huge bathroom, closed in Veranda with Fans, A/C and internet in the room. all for about $40 for 2.

and I did get this photo finally. I have been doing it wrong for the last week

Will take photos in the morning as I need to rest and get back to normal.