We stayed here in San Blas. Since we were tired we did not explore town too much, I cannot tell much about San Blas.

Mileage for the day 230 miles.

Sunny and 80 and humid.

Since I am still recovering but feeling better, we stayed at Casa Roxanna that was in my digital version of the lonely planet guide. It was about $40 for the two of us, but had A/C, pool, internet and really large room and Veranda

You cannot drink the water, so they had a nice water jug with hand pump in the room.

We got a good nights rest but were both up early (5am ish) so we packed up and rode early while the air is cooler.

One of the things we have learned while getting into the towns is that it is very hard to figure out where to stay without previous recommendations or using a guide book like Lonely planet to give you a place to start. At the end of long hot riding day it is hard to get into these towns and really know what the hotel are like from the outside. So we started stopping at the Pemex on the edge of town, looking at my digital Lonely Planet guide of the town and the hotel recommended, then feeling more comfortable riding in and finding something.

Here is the road out of Casa Roxana which has to be the best place we have stayed yet.

Nice sunrise riding out of town south toward Manzanillo.

This happen quickly in Mexico just when you do not want them to happen. We were about one hour into the mornings ride, and following a local car on a twisty two lane road. and heading into a corner, up pops a “Topes”. The car in front of us basically comes to a screeching stop to avoid ruining there car, I cut left to avoid hitting him, and Sam also comes left, but clips me

We both stay up, and I pass the guy, Sam goes further left and back wheel gets into the ditch But he stays up, and get out. Luckily no car or truck is coming the other way.

So we had our first incident that happened really fast. We pull over and liquid is coming out of the front of Sam’s bike We are both Shaken…. But realize that one of the radiator hoses for the overflow was knocked loose. easy fix. But we learned another Mexican lesson. Slow down a bit more, and stay back from cars as the obstacles come up fast, even while everything else is slower.

KTM took some plastic damage.

My Gobi bags stayed on but notices a little plastic damage on the license plate frame holder.

No one Hurt … We are thankful. We have been pushing a bit hard considering the roads and the heat. So we make some decisions later in the day to make things more sane.

We stopped for Gas in Puerto Vallarta. and these Gals were excited about the Motos. Had to ask them the word for Smile. Which I used then forgot

Traffic into the city got hard, and we were overheating. we wanted to stop but had not planned well to do this.

Downtown the streets were all cobble stones rocks.

You do see a fair amount of local and Federle car and trucks around, but we have never felt unsafe yet.

Finally made it out of the city and headed south on Mexico 200. Not a great photo but everywhere you go you see Pick Up trucks with people in them. This guy had a chair so he was doing something right.

Truck full of Pineapples. I mean Full!!

We roll into the Pemex just outside the Barra de Navidad, and Emmanuel walks up and says, “hey you guys on ADV”. Yup, he is local and rides a KLR. Emmanuel. Thanks for saying Hi and taking to us!!!

We continue into town to find a room. Lots of deep sea fishing goes on here.

We are both very hot, sweaty and tired at this point. but we get to Hotel Delfin. For about $38.00 we get a room for 2. First order of business is to cool down.

Ask Sam if this was refreshing!!

Parked our bike’s in a secure lot across the street with walls protected like this.

Then a quick check of internet happenings.

What is sad is that we have not seen but one other couple in the hotel. With the economy and the bad press sin the US about Mexico tourism is definitely off.

View from the top floor of our hotel.

Private Sunbathing area on the roof.

Sam was on hold with Continental Airlines for almost an hour to straighten out and then change his flight back for the family wedding. Got it done so now we can relax a bit on the way to Oaxaca. Our original plan was to have 6 weeks to get to his flight out of Cancun, but after the engine problem on my bike, it left us 3 weeks. And Mexico is a Big place so it takes more time. who wants to keep up the rush? Not either of us.

(the operator from Continental was very chatty about our ride as Sam explained the reason for the change. Her husband rides and wants to ride to Argentina. I say “encourage him to do it!

After the call, we walked a few blocks to dinner and see our first set of Non ADV “gringos” having dinner. We had a great chat and they are all long term travelers !!

Rathan (not sure i have this right email me and I will fix it!), Laura and Jos.

OK. Good Night!