Still waiting in Tucson at my brothers house. It’s Sunday so the dealer is closed, just have to wait.

Sam is cooking up a storm…..

looks yummy.

and of course Bacon

Then we ran a few errands for new SD cards….. and my brother wanted to stop by Joe’s Crab Shack.

He was looking forward to Dungeness Crab like we used to catch in our youth up on Whidbey Island. But they were out

so Instead the waitress made him this.

Drove by the Pima Boneyard 4,000 + planes out in the desert all lined up and in storage.

Later in the evening Sam cooked up some Brat’s.

and just for Mr Fisherman. A bit of ADV signage

We are thankful for a place to stay out of all the heat, my brothers generousness, and the kindness of Skip and Cathy with loaning me a motobike will we are stranded. But it is hard to have the trip on hold when we would have been riding in Mexico already. “Patience is a virtue” as the saying goes…… our is running thin. But in the bigger perspective it is a very small bump in the road.