We had a great evening in Barra de Navidad, and really enjoyed this town. Would have liked to hang out in this town longer.

Loved our Hotel. We are in the “tropics” with the thatched rooks.

It was Sunday Morning and Sunday Mass was in full swing.

Lots of places to check out.

Of course we needed some coffee to start the day.

We really enjoyed meeting Lou and Wynn from Canada who live here as ExPat’s. They have lived here for 4 years, and it was great to hear about their lives in Barra. Lou and Wynn. Nice to meet you!!

We needed to get some more money, so we stopped at the cash machine. Easy and quick way to get some cash for the next week.

The hurricane hit about 3 weeks ago (about the time we would have been here if I did not have bike issues). This restaurant was hit hard. They lost all the beach that was in front of the town, but it should rebuild in the months ahead.

Like most beach towns, some vacant lots and construction on hold.

The inter Lagoon has lots of fishing tours for deep sea fishing. This area is know for it’s sports fishing. I am not a fisherman otherwise I would have been tempted. plus nowhere to put the Marlin if a caught one

This is what it would look like.

Just a few more photos in the morning around town before we ride to Manzanillo where will be meeting up with an ADV rider Airhead Wrangler and his wife. They had been PM’ing with Sam.

Better look at the Hurricane damage

Sam captured this photo. The taxi was very friendly.

And some tempting foods on the street.

Bikes in the secure parking.

On the roof of the hotel they use Solar heat for the hot water.

We are now seeing lots of motorcycles on the roads. Usually with 2,3,4 people on them.

Not a great photo but this was a family of 4. Dad and Mom and two kids in front. Boy would our lawyers have a heyday with this.

Just 1 hour ride today Headed south up the coast.

We arrive at in Manzanillo and roll up to Airhead Wrangler’s Place. Met Spencer and Mary. Had a great time talking about travel as Spencer did a ride last year to Terra Del Fuego and back Seattle on an old airhead.

Here is his thread:


He is working down here now and it has been great to connect. Mary has had experience with Alzheimer’s Disease in her family and also in her education. We had some good talks about the disease, caregiving etc. My experiences in this area certainly connect me with many people.

First order of business. Was washing out cloths. it was time!! Thanks for the help Mary!!

Sam capturing the sweat rolling off my face as it is hot and humid here.

Laundry hanging up to dry.

Mark getting into the true Mexican spirit as we go get some “Pollo Asada” and Micheladas (beer with fresh Salt and Lime)

We have been riding through towns with great smelling grilled chicken. Sam finally got to taste some!

Spencer said this is the best chicken around!!

Great Lunch.

We checked into our room….. across the street at the Hotel la Posada

Cool place build partially in the rocks.

Large shower with with the rocks and a window to the room.

It is right on the beach with a pool!!

Has a covered area to use the internet, look out over the ocean and relax!!