Home to the clouds and rain

Have had a couple days in Portland, connecting with friends and getting a few errands run. Including dropping my 1150GS off for some work on the front end so it is rideable (might get 1,200 miles to turn over 100K after all).

Had lunch with Sunnysideup aka Erica! Got to catch up on life and talk about travel in South America! Wahhooo! Always great to see her, and talk about adventure!!

Then a gathering with some of the local ADVR’S at the Green Dragon in Portland. Good to see you MortimerSickle, NoPo, Loud Al, Luke, flyjosh. (Matizzle and DAKEZ Not pictured )

Some really good Beer cheese Soup and meatballs

Met up with the guys for Coffee this am and discussed the breakdown!

Friday I was running some errand with my friend Wendy and while we were walking through the local Costco, I hear “Hey Radioman”………… Turn around and Arthur was there and recognized me from this thread. He has been

Meet : comradart from my chance meeting today. glad to know your enjoying this journey!

Having been back at home when I was not planning on being back for a year or two has been interesting. Run into people and they are not expecting it….. “What are you doing here?, though you were on your ride ” or “too bad about your engine”. depending if they are up on my blogging

Will be heading up to Seattle Saturday to stay with my brothers family and check on some things!