Still taking the time in Portland to connect with friends. Had dinner with friends Friday night.Then a great morning in Portland meeting up with my coffee guys.

Also had the honor and privilege of meeting with the Men’s support group for Men caring for their wives with Alzheimer’s ( I had facilitated this group for several years until I left on this trip). These are amazing men who are in the journey with their wives. It is amazing watching them communicate, support and challenge one another to provide the best care for there wives, with a very difficult and painful disease to witness. It is a long journey and they are doing a great job loving and caring for their wives in these difficult situations. if you guys are following along.

Then drove up to Seattle since my bikes are in the shop 🙁

Stopped at South Sound BMW to check out there Demo Days. Decided I did not need to test ride the sport tourers….

Had to chuckle at this sign on the side of the demo truck. Wanted to point out that this was not totally accurate

On my way to Seattle I found out that my nephew Adam was in Seattle on business and I got to hang out with him Saturday night. Got to show him around the city…… Tourist in my own “hometown”.

Took him over to Alki, and we had dinner at Salty’s which is a Seattle restaurant that has been around for a long time….
Then a walk along the water.

Iconic Space needle.

Seattle Skyline at night. (and it wasn’t raining)

Also had a PM from Timmer. So we got to get together Sunday AM for Breakfast and then Church!! Thanks Tim for keeping in touch!

On another note: October 8th was 10 years since my Mom (and step father died two weeks later) was killed in a car accident. Had a really nice email from one of my mom’s good friends remembering her. It was touching for me. All these years later I still miss my mom, as we had a good relationship. She was an amazing Lady who lived through adversity with my dad who had a stroke at 50 and died at 56. She also was a nurse, did hospice work, helped many people in her life. My parents taught me so many good lessons through my life, even if I did not take all their advice Had to learn somethings the hard way. Life is certainly not always easy. I take time to reflect. Mostly I am very thankful for the blessing in my life. Have lots to be thankful for!!