Packing packing packing

Focused on many details of getting ready to head out on this Adventure, but lots of stuff to get done. Like Packing up a house we have lived in for 18 years..

Lots of studying on Insurance, Healthcare, getting financial and legal stuff in order, Gear, Bikes, maps and routes. etc. and of course keep working

but I will be ready to go in June!!

It is a process as I pack, there are lots of memories from our past life to sort through, some to give away, others to hold onto, all of them need to be handled.

Woke up one morning with a feeling of trepidation ….. “I am doing this” :eek . Housemates moving in, packing my belongings and soon I will be out on the road my own..

I have coffee with a group of older guys and I was bringing up the natural course of getting ready and the minor anxiety that I was feeling as I see it turning into reality. Not because I am changing my mind or my ride. Just interesting to have these feelings as you make a big life choice. Have had them before with other major changes, and they did not stop me. It is not overly powerful or fearful, just a sense of “oh boy, now I’ve done it now”

Michael, pulls out this book and says “read page 71″….. so I did. Had a good laugh as it was about leaders and business entrepreneurs as they take chances and go through a similar feeling of anxiety as they risk failure, mistakes and criticism. Was interesting.

then I get on with all the details…..


Looking at bikes….

Comparing to what I already have……

All part of the pre-ride planning. But truly I am not really going crazy with all the planning. This trip will be fluid, with only general plans that guide the way.