September 10th Tumalo Road, Bend, Oregon

After the last 6 days making it across country for to get to the WetFest gathering, it was time for a day off of riding. Spent the day relaxing and talking with other riders some friends, some new to me, others that I have interacted with on ADV rider.

Mileage: about 12 miles

Weather. Warm and dry temps reaching high 80’s

Waking up to 130 tents all about….

The aftermath of some delicious chopped pork BBQ thanks to Direwolf and crew

A time to sit around and talk about motorcycling and life. Thin crowds in the morning

but grew until you could hear the roar of the crowd from the upper fields… All talking away, connecting, sharing stories and enjoying the time together.

And putting the two states onto my Map of the USA for a total of 47 states (and 9 Canadian provinces) that this GS has ridden in since I have owned it.

Got a chance to talk with Johnny Dakar and LA woman. Cool to be in the same spot as another 2006 R1150 GSA (limited edition…only 150 world wide of so).

Road Rash and Peterman up to the usual shenanigans on Mr Cob’s Ural.

and Gitana taking a turn

Did get to meet up with Scarysharkface before he headed out

Crazy fly over….

The sun went down on a great day!

Toolfan is in serious trouble

with Knary egging him on……

Was great to see old friends, chat about life and about my upcoming adventures riding to South America.