September 11 Bend, Oregon to Home (Lake Oswego, OR)

It has been 10 years since that fateful day. So much has changed for me and in this world since that time. Reflecting on the tragedy of the attack of our country, the lives lost, the simple safety we thought we had shattered…. And remembering that my wife Chris and I were all packed up and were supposed to be in NYC the next day. How our experiences would have been different had we been there

Mileage: 220 miles

Weather: sunny and warm

Up early to enjoy the company of the ADV community before riding home.

One of the great surprises of WetFest, was the arrival of iDave !!! We had dinner in Virginia on my ride, and now we get to ride together in Oregon

As we head out riding west toward Sisters, OR the mountains are out, photo’s never do this justice and in late summer with not much snow they don’t stand out the same as the rest of the year.

Very cool to have iDave along for the ride. Have a treat in Hwy 242 from Sisters, Or out past the Lava beds.

then through the woods…

Safe Travels my Friend…. iDave heads to the coast and southward on his great ride!!

As I roll off the hwy heading back to my house …… it is all familiar.

And had to get a photo for Ken’s Post office thread. Took me 20K miles to come back and take this photo

Down my street …

Home : Recap of the stats of my ride in the US and Canada

78 days on the Road. 21,570 on two bikes (19,215 on the 06 1150GSA, and 2,355 on the F800GS)

35 States
5 Canadian Provinces

28 nights staying with Family and friends
10 nights Camping
35 Motel nights
5 nights at home

Too Many Smiles and tears to count

so much kindness from ADV riders, and “strangers” that it makes me real happy!

Daily cost of the trip for these days including 3 rear tires, 1 front tire, 2 full oil changes and maintenance,