September 1st Goose Bay, NL to Labrador City, NL

More of the Trans Labrador Hwy which connects the main cities in Labrador. It is a very big place and remote as you cross. They are working on the road to get it paved but still much is gravel. Started out of Goose bay with 60 miles of pavement, then gravel almost to Churchill falls. Then a bit of pavement before a rougher section that they are preparing for paving. It is all pretty much “high speed” gravel riding on a dual sport bike. Just have to be careful of the oncoming trucks and all the dust they kick up, and some of the potholes and slightly deeper gravel newly graded.

Mileage: about 360 miles (200 + gravel rest pavement)

Weather: wow. Sunny Labrador started out in the mid 50’s F and arrive to high 60’s in Lab City.

The tire I had order from Keith at The Toy Box in St John’s did indeed make the flight and got into Goose Bay last night!
Thanks Keith so much for expediting this for me!! Awesome.

Frenchies in Goose Bay had agreed to install it for me in the morning. I spoke with Marty and he had it picked up at the Airport cargo office for me, and then I stopped in and pulled my rim off.

I have done this so many times, that it really only takes me 5 minutes to pull the rim off. Think that it surprises people

They had the new tire. and were great about breaking right in to get it mounted for me!

Back on the bike in less than 30 minutes

Marty and Greg came out to see how it was coming along, and were surprised that it was already back on the bike.
Snapped a photo of Greg after he got me a Frenchies Sticker for my bike

As I am telling them about my journey …. Marty asks about how I can afford this kind of trip (get that alot!) so I have to explain about my life with Chris, Caring for her, and the briefness of our lives. I have made a choice to adventure ride RTW as my life choice. I have been very fortunate to have lived debt free, made some money, been able to Care for Chris and survive to this point. after we are talking awhile, Marty looks at me , and says “our labor for the tire change is on us!) The kindness of “strangers” along the way has been amazing. Thanks Marty and they guys at Frenchies in Goose Bay, NL. I will never forget!

What I am learning is that showing kindness to others is a great blessing (I knew this already but being on the receiving end is very different!). It should inspire all of us to reach out and help others in any way that we can. Simple act but with great blessings!!

Also met this Man and his wife while waiting for the ferry. He is a missionary to the native people of the area who have big issues with Alcohol and suicides. I was about to leave the hotel and saw them again. He and his wife prayed with me for Safety on the ride. Very cool. Thanks!

On the road by 10am, hoping to make the Churchills Falls Power Plant tour at 1:30. 2nd largest power plant in NA.

Starts out as 60 miles of pavement. with the normal warning signs

Then the road turns back to gravel. Hard packed in most places, but then with “marbles” in others.

The trucks throw up lots of dust. You can see how the vision of the road disappears as they go by.

But note…. Blue sky!

Lots of rock that they are blasting through and building up the road with.

Lots of water all along. The roadbed is raised with lots of culverts under the roadway.

Arrive at the power plant, and head into town to see about the 1:30 Tour. At city hall, I talk to a woman, and right now they have no tour guide. One left and another is off on vacation Bummer. She gave me a map and brochure about the powerplant. They is some interesting and controversial issues around the redirecting of the water for the power plant.

Wiki info…rating_Station

I rode up along the levee .

Lots of power coming out of this plant.

Churchills Falls in a company town. The power plant needs all the workers here to run it.

Ok…back on the road to Labrador city.

I was told the road would be a bit rough heading out of town. They are working hard to get this section ready to pave.

Some of the road is like this.

You see some cars but only a couple dozen all day. Mostly trucks.

About 18KM outside of Churchill Falls, is the actual falls. This shot looks down from teh bridge

Fairly high up

glad I do not mind heights

I stopped to take the 25 minute walk down to see the actual falls! And ran into a couple other motorcyclist. Michael or Sillymike on ADV and his gal. His KTM was having electrical issues (she was riding an 800GS and smiling with a french accent…it’s a KTM)

Then down the trail I go.

Felt like a bit of a nature hike….

Then rewarded with a really nice view.

and then the falls with the bridge in the background. (you can see it used to be huge before the water was diverted to the power plant)

Then back on the road for more gravel. Just had to watch out for the grader berms.

Made it to Labrador city late afternoon. Time to rest and get something to eat.

Stopped in to drop off the Tire that Ken loaned me to carry just in case I could not get the tire flown in. He runs the furniture store in town and It was a pleasure to meet him and his family on the ferry. Again the kindness of strangers is amazing!! Ken Thank You!

Then a nice pizza dinner….

Got settled into a B&B in town. Cheaper than the hotel. Got another good nights rest as I will be riding hard the next few days as I continue to ride west.

Labrador city is another Company Town as the Mining company is the driving force here. Had some interesting discussions with Ken about the worker dynamic in town if they are not working for the mining company.