Here we are in Tucson. Waiting for the major bike repair is hard. We wanted to be riding in Mexico by now, but we are stuck here. We are making the most of the time, but still not like being on the road. For me it is a bit easier for me, as my bike is the one broken and in the shop. Sam is stuck because I am, and is gracefully waiting.

We decided to do a bit of site seeing, and History.

Had some requirements of the Missile tour.

Sam is all set

Hard Hat for me…..

Diagrams of the Titan II Missile Site.

An then getting to see the last remaining Titan II Missile. There were 54 pointed at Strategic Targets during the cold war 1963-1982.

The tour guide giving us the information on the 6,000 Lb Blast doors.

Into the control room….

Had to have the secret launch codes.

Launch sequence.

Then the Targets. The Crew had three choices, but did not know where they were headed.

The entire Command center for the Titan II missile. Crew of 4 at any given time, with lots of controls for safety. Fortunately these were never used and the policy of Deterrence worked.

Sam heading over to see the Missile.

Missile waiting for launch.

Topside not much to see from the road. They were stationed in Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas

On the way back we made a quick stop San Xavier Mission

Sam enjoying the architecture and history of the mission.

Back to my brothers. Waiting, eating sipping Coffee