September 20 Lake Oswego. 10 days of connecting, switching gear, packing

Has been a week 9 days since I last posted. Have been at home for this time and it has been busy catching up with friends, getting my bike ready for the next part of my journey.

Time moves fast when you have so many things that need to get done in a short amount of time.

Also wanted to connect with friends as well

Went to the Local ADV weekly get together. Was great see to my other moto friends!! It was a rainy evening in a typical meeting place.

Lots of dual sport bikes…..

And the Characters of ADV locally (all these photos courtesy of Mortimersickle)

I just arrived and had the attention of the guys!

Fisherman checking out the 800 as I have it loaded!

pointing out little details of the bike prep.

Then a bit of ride sharing on Dagwoods 400 RD. Earwig gets the first spin.

Road Rash took his turn

Del (Beerslayer) and Esmerelda show up.

;wave NoPo and Motomuffin show up. What a treat!!

Thanks for the photos Mortimersickle and Fisherman right next to him!

Nice view of Downtown Portland on my ride home.

later in the week ….. another Party, Thanks to Wendy, Reed and Melinda

Big send off!! (thanks Paige for the sign!)

It has been a busy time getting things done and seeing friends. All good, just busy!

Plan on Leaving Wednesday AM September 21, and riding to Tucson to see my brother and meet up with IdahoSam who is joining me for my ride through Mexico We had been talking since I started my trip that he might join me, but had not finalized until we met up at WetFest.

Mexico here we come