Started our morning with a smiley face coffee mug just like the next couple years on the road!

Interesting reading material in the bathroom.

Maybe these things will come in handy

Not sure that I will need this one

After a fabulous evening with IceCreamSoldier and family, and the stage set for a morning sharing my ride with Mrs Garcia’s 4th grade class, we had another surprise for Pauls daughter. She would get to ride to school on “Radioman’s Bike” she the first and only passenger to ride on the bike Her enthusiasm was precious!!

off to class we go.

Paul gives the class a kind introduction

Fortunately I had a set of maps with me….. So I was able to explain the journey and route.

The kids had some great questions about the trip. It was refreshing as they had many practical questions and lots of smiles. How do I carry water, What if I run out of Gas, what food will I eat, How log will it take, Will you get lonely, What if penguins attack you . It was a really fun hour to share!

Then outside to actually see the motorcycle. Explaining what I had packed and answering questions!

This was a wonderful time to share with kids!! Thanks Paul for setting this up!! Hopefully we can keep a dialog with the kids going from other parts of the world…maybe skyping from another 4th grade class somewhere else in the world

Then Paul road with me along the Sacramento River to share a bit of the area.

and Paul is an owner of a 2006 R1150 GSA SE … one of the few and the proud

Then a stop at a historic town of Locke where Chinese immigrants

A few words with Confucius

Then we said goodbye for now.

Off to meet up with Nixel in Oakland for lunch. Into to the California traffic.

Find Nixels new loft space.

Of course a photo to say we got together! Great seeing you again Nicky

South of Hollister, and out into the California countryside

Riding late to meet up with Ace Ralph and family

Once again another gracious and friendly ADV family welcoming me into their home.