Spent the morning with Roger and his family. It was a really great time to get to know them, share stories of life and this part of my journey. Thanks

Mileage: 500 riding miles today.

Sunny and Hot as I rode across California, through Mojave Desert and into Arizona. Was 104 + degrees as I rode into Needles, CA . Stopped riding at 8PM and it was still 96 degrees

After a fabulous breakfast including Bacon I was off across Hwy 58.

Fortunately with a radar detector and the courtesy of other motorcyclist sharing the hand signal patting the top of the helmet, we thwarted the efforts to raise revenue by the state patrol

California has some amazingly diverse terrain. Road through an area with lots of oil pumping going on.

Rolling through Mojave and Barstow heading east….

only in California do the wheelbarrows have Mag Wheels

Gas prices in Needles, CA.

Sunsetting over Eastern California.

Stopped at a motel in Arizona. IdahoSam is about 150 miles east of me…. We will meet up in the morning for a ride south to Tucson!