Today was travel day, meeting up with Sam who is joining me riding south and then getting to my brothers house in Tucson.

Mileage: about 235

Weather: it was in the 90’s at 7am. just kept getting hotter. reached 105 on the ride to Tucson

I was packing the bike in front of the hotel, and Gary walks by and gives me the “nice bike”….. We start talking about the ride, motorcycles, life etc. Turned out to be a real great meeting!! He is a sculpture and he and his wife were down selling his sculptures from Utah. He left, but came back while I was still packing and gave me one of his Stainless steel Necklaces. The image is of two hands grasping each other.

Had to get a photo as the dialog and meeting was special.

Here is the Necklace:

Just before I left, his wife came out and we were talking about Alzheimer’s Disease, caregiving and family. Amazing how many people are effected with this disease.

Sam and I meet up for breakfast in Tempe and me David who rides a GS, he was interested in our trip and wanted a photo.

Then roll on down the hwy to my brothers house.

My brother and I catching up.

Getting the bikes unpacked in the garage, I notice a sticker on Sam’s bike……..