Was a day off from riding, time to evaluate the gear and then doing some Bike maintenance.

Miles 24 for the day

Weather Hot and Sunny 90’s

Hung out with my Brother Bruce, had lunch together and then Czfcathy invited us over to work on our bikes and for dinner!

Her Husband Skip has a collection of old Penton Motorcycles that he has restored
Sam was really excited as he raced once against John Penton (who was Skips neighbor growing up!)

Look it was the precursor to KTM

Then we jumped right into Bike maintenance. Sam needed to change his front tire, and Skip was showing us a different way to spoon on the tire. always time to learn.

Then onto Oil changes for both of us. Skip and Cathy jump into action to help Sam after he dropped a bolt and then a tool into his KTM (of course they helped me replace a couple flanged nuts that had worked themselves loose on my GS)

Sam finishing off his oil change.

The hospitality of our hosts was amazing! The helped get our bike work done, then prepared a great meal as we talked about motorcycles, travel, and life. What a great afternoon and evening!

They sent Sam off with a “hello Kitty” with instructions to take her to Bolivian Salt Flats

Cathy’s Hello Kitty saying goodbye to Sam’s Hello Kitty

Thanks Skip and Cathy for the wonderful time! More great times with generous ADV community!