Another day relaxing and getting rested for the ride.

We took a little ride to get coffee and take a few photos amongst the Suguaro’s

The Catus are very sharp. Ouch!

Had ordered a new Windscreen and it arrived via FedEx. It is a Britannia Composites ltd Mirage 2. It was really hot in my brothers Garage for guys from the PNW. So what would you do…. Bring the bike inside

through the front door and into the living room.

Much better working temps!! Hope my brother does not see this post Getting the instrument cluster attached to the new windscreen.

Getting it all bolted in place. This should give me better wind management and adjustability.

Getting it all tighten down.

Then Sam and Radioman had a little fun!!

Then getting all the gear settled and taking some time to rest and finalize some details.