We woke up early and were ready to get on the road again. Gave my brother a big hug as he put us up and took care of us!!

Had a service at Iron Horse BMW in Tucson for the 6K service just because I would be outside the US , so i wanted them to check it over.

They were done with the service and about to take a final test ride. As they started the bike it made a horrible “clacking” noise. What ? it was not making that noise on the ride in, and they had not done any mechanical work to the bike.

“WHAT IS GOING ON?” The jumped right on getting it back in the shop, and taking a look.

Jim my service guy, calls me over to take a look after the had it stripped down aways. There was metal on the intake valve….. Not good at all. Engine Failure at 5,300 miles.

Cannot see it in the photo but will get some shots once it is all apart.

Poor Sam was all packed up and waiting at my brothers house. Called him and told him I had issues. He of course agreed

Waiting, waiting, Waiting for news about the problem, the fix and the timing……. So I decided to give yzfcathy to see if she would give me a ride up to my brothers house, since we would not be going any anywhere soon. Guess I will get to check and see if Sam can live the ” No Hurry No Worry”

She came up to get me and on they way out of the driveway said “we can just stop by the house and you can take one of our bikes”….. The Kindness and generosity of “strangers” is amazing. I did not really know what to say. Wow. Thanks.

She lets me take her R6 (that she has put 82K miles on ) with GP1 Shifting … Ok up for something new.

Big Guy on Small Bike (adorned with Hello Kitty Stickers). Maybe it will be my new adventure bike. if Sam thought I was fast before…..

Still in shock as the bike was running well, no issues. But all of a sudden, FAILURE. As it has sunk in, it really is good it happened today, and not 3 days from now while we were in the middle of Copper Canyon in Mexico. Guess it would have been Immersion Spanish for me

Got back home and Sam was all packed up and ready to go. Cannot tell if there is a problem. he was truly all packed up.

Sam is not happy. He was all ready to ride but fortunately he was packing light!

So now it is a waiting game as they take the motor apart and find out what has happened. Hopefully all the parts are in the US and we can get the rebuild done soon. More later if I know anything.