It’s Wednesday. It’s a bit of a waiting game as my bike is in at Iron Horse being torn apart. Trying to determine what is wrong, and how long it will take to fix. Jim my service advisor has been great, even though he does not have all the information yet, and they need to follow the warranty procedure, to get approval from BMW to do the work and order the parts.

So we started our morning with a cup of coffee, then since we had time ….. We decided to do some tourist stuff.

Started at Pima Air Museum.

Sam playing tourist of the bus ride through the planes.

Then Skip gave us a call to let us know that he could take us on a ride around the area.

Indeed Lemons from Lemonade!! so we road to the top of Mt Lemon

Sam getting the ride angle for the photo!

Cool rock formations as we pass 5,000 feet and cooler temps. mid 90’s in Tucson. As we get to the top of Mt Lemon at 9,500+ feet it is a wonderful 66 degrees!!

Then we ride off the back side of Mt Lemon on a gravel road. Sam had a big Grin

Thanks to Cathy and Skip I have Cathy’s 800GS to ride while I wait on my bike.

We rode back to the dealer, as they said they would be pulling the engine apart in the afternoon to determine the extent of the damage and what would need to be repaired. As they pulled it apart they found not foreign objects, but it is clear that a failure has happened. What are the odds that this would happen at the dealer vs out on the road? Still hard to grasp, but am very thankful that it happened at a good dealer and not a couple days later in the middle of Copper Canyon. Sam said, ” that would be immersion Spanish for you”

A few photos. Metal in the left cylinder, in what appears to be parts of the valve guides or the valve?

It was hard to photograph, but if you look at the valve guides on the right cylinder.

and then see how much short the guides are on the left. That is what appears to have failed. They are awaiting warranty Approval from BMW corporate and will hopefully get it completely taken apart on Thursday and get all the necessary parts ordered including new Cylinder, New piston, New rings both sides, valves and guides on the left side adn whatever else they need to make the complete repair.

So now it is a waiting game. But fortunate that I have a brother who is generous and has open up his house to us for as long as we need, Cathy and Skip have been wonderful part of the ADV family and have generously given of there time, Motorcycles and knowledge! What I can say is that I have so much to be thankful for, that this is just a minor issue. I feel bad for Sam who is ready to ride south

Last comment for the day is about the generosity of others. Cathy and Skip opened there house and garage to us, and after my engine issue quickly loaned me the R6, then the 800gs (after it got back from the shop for its maintenance). It is hard to accept such kindness and generosity but Cathy said it best when she said “It is like paying back all the people that have helped me, so pay it forward” and I have but to now be on the receiving side of the equation is different. It makes me smile and will certainly motivate me to share even more with others in the future!! Thanks for the life lessons Skip and Cathy!