September 2nd Labrador City to Chateau Richer, QC

Ready to ride the last part of the Trans Lab Hwy and back into Quebec. Starts out as pavement out of Lab City to Qc. Had a great time riding the gravel out here. As I got up toward Manic 5 Power Plant there were many trucks hauling stuff up to the mines. It is a Haul road and they are driving fast and kicking up lots of dust and rocks. Rode a long day since the weather was perfect (and I knew that Saturday am there would be rain). more miles in the warm sun…. or riding in the rain in the am…. Keep riding.

Mileage: just over 600 miles today about 200 ish on gravel. Will miss the remote and long stretches of gravel roads

weather: Partly sunny and mid 50’s leaving Lab city. Have been watching the weather and I know as I get into Quebec the rain will be happening tomorrow. So enjoying the weather today!

All through NF and Labrador people have “skidoo’s” ready for action.

Bring on some more sunshine for the ride

Not too far down the road I am in Quebec.

Why? no I did not get pulled over. The truck was the Bow Hunter that were walking back to there truck, looking at me …..What is he doing near our truck. Wave and smile !

Long stretches without Gas. 294 KM without any services.

This stretch of gravel is winding for 67KM Loved it!

Fermont, QC is another big mining operation. took some shots of the big trucks but none turned out well.

Many trucks hauling big equipment to the mining operations. You can usually see there dust cloud coming, but they just keep on rolling, you need to move out of there way

Love the blue sky!!

Single lane bridges….. He was bigger so I let him go first.

Lots of Hard packed road…… moving right along in this section.

about 114KM north of Manic Cinq (Manic 5) Pascal is pulled over on the side of the road on his KTM. His bike quit running, he tried compression starting the bike, but nothing. I get out my tools, and we pull the tank and check that the bike has spark.. Yup it appears he has enough gas, but nothing we tried seemed to get it to go. His battery final gives up cranking. He asks if I can ride the 120 KM to Manic 5 and call his girlfriend to tell his friend to come get him. Of course Pascal speaks french primarily, and english. Off I go…. I found the Gas station that is in the middle of nowhere and called. The lady charged me $2. per minute… no pay phone or calling card use. But I reached her, and with broken english communicated Pascals Bike problem and need for a truck to pick him up. Hope that it works.

Hope I get an email to let me know he made it!

On this stretch of the road you come across an SOS Telephone booth every 100 Km or so. Not sure that Pascal’s breakdown is an emergency, since I had made the call already. They are actually Sat phone technology.

It just seems so out of place along a remote road to see a Phone booth. I cannot remember the last I saw one near my house will all the cel phones.

Had one moment (actually it was a bit scary ) as a Truck with a wide load is coming into the same corner that I am in, and I do a bit wide and end up in the soft loose side gravel near the edge…... But “when in doubt Throttle Out!” and I kept it upright and kept on riding

Manic 5 Dam and powerplant.

Later Manic Un

As I road down the the St laurent waterway, had to take a short ferry.

Squeezed me right in

Beautiful views.

Many churches in each town.

Arrived at a motel outside of Quebec City. Was thinking about riding into the city for a night tour but had done that two years ago. Decided to get a bite to eat…. and then a dessert.

End of a great riding day!