September 3rd Chateau Richer, QC to Minden, ON

Starting to really head west now. Riding west and staying with some friends who live south of Toronto, but were up at there “Cottage”, so I rode across Ontario and all the lake area with all the Cottages. They lived in Oregon years ago, and have a son who is the same age as my step son. Have had a great friendship for many years. Just did not want to miss seeing them.

Mileage Approx 525 miles

Weather. Stopped raining this morning around 6am. Grey skies in the morning, but cleared up as I rode west!
was in the 70’s by afternoon.

Awoke early and as the weather had forecast. It was raining

Stayed at the Spring Motel where my buddy John and I had stayed 2 years ago. Really nice family that run the motel!!

Juliette and Monique (mom and Daughter) could not be nicer. Will be back again if I have the chance!

Ride through Quebec City in the morning.

Beautiful Old city. Really a great place. Feels like on old french European city. Cobblestone streets and cool shops.

Old Walls

It is a romantic city. Will have to come back someday when I have someone to share it with

Since the roads are wet, I might get to have my gear washed off of all the Labrador dust

My windscreen is really dirty.

Heading across hwy 40 to stay with fiends in Minden, ON

The roads signs change.

Liked this stop light also . Square Red stop light. If you are color blind you could still figure it out!

Gas taxes spelled out.

Speeding fines spelled out!

“Max” rolling into Ontario.

And it is amazing as your out riding who you cross paths with!!! Got the chance to have lunch with Craig (C-stain on ADV). He had given me this sticker for my bike, I put it on in Nova Scotia, but Now I have actually done it!

Grey skies cleared to partially sunny!

Arrived at about 7PM. In time for some dinner and Dessert. It was great to see Janet and Steve (and some of their relative and a good friend). We had some great conversation regarding life and caring for family members with Alzheimer’s Disease (Dementia). The Stress and Strain that is all part of the situation, how to keep perspective, Faith and make the most of the journey. Enjoyed my time, but it was too short!