September 7th Missouri Vally, IA to Sheridan, WY

Was a day to make some miles across this big country. Headed for Oregon and Wetfest gathering in Bend. I have traveled these roads before, so the day was mostly about getting closer to Oregon.

Mileage for the day 785

Weather: cool in the Am but mostly sunny all day!

Headed West across the Mid west……

Song for the day.

Out of Iowa, and into South Dakota. Had to stop and have breakfast near the Corn Palace.

Max has to get a photo near all these tourist traps.

All decorated with Corn. SD has always been good about creating tourist attractions

Headed across the Slab (I-90). More billboards than I have ever seen.

Hey getting further west now!

History. Cold war missile ….

Saw more than a few Harley’s in trucks……

Mt Rushmore

Really is stunning.

Got there later in the afternoon, which is not the best light for the faces!

I have been here 3-4 times, as Chris was really enamored with Mt Rushmore. We rode over in October in 2007 the week before the town of keystone closes. We got up early and along with the mountain goats we the only ones in the parking lot. Good memories for me!

Beautiful riding through the black hills.

As you ride across South Dakota you see these signs posted.

I am sure most of them have Memorial set up like this one.

This one has a memorial patch on the cross. RIP John Dooley

Riding west. shadow following me now.

Sunsetting on the day.

“Beef, that what is for dinner” saw the signs along the way. Grainfeed beef it is!