September 8th Sheridan, WY to Meridian, ID

Was another day on the go. It is with purpose that I ride West, as I get myself to Bend Oregon on Friday for the ADV WetFest gathering. Looking forward to meeting many folks in person for the first time, and some other old friends too!

At the last minute I contacted a Childhood friend, Tad who lives with his family in Boise, and he told me the guest room was open! It is so cool to meet up with friends that you have know since Kindergarden. We played all the sports together, Basketball, soccer, Baseball etc, and went to school together through High school. Still have fond memories of our time spend growing up in little Bellevue, Washington that is BM (Before Microsoft). always enjoyed spending time at Tad’s house. Bud and Joan!! for being great parents…. we now understand 🙂

Mileage: 740 ish. Long day of riding but fortunately I really like riding Have a purpose to get to the WetFest gathering!

Weather 40’s in the Am.

Nothing like starting a day riding in the early morning sun. It was amazing as the warm color of the rising sun covered the hillsides of Wyominga dn Montana with warm light as I rolled down the hwy. Loved this part of my day!

Flowers to smell today….

Heading west…

Beautiful Morning

Then through Red Lodge, MT … Blue sky to ride Beartooth Pass

Rolling up the beartoooth….

Over the top. Did not stop to take photos as I have done it before a few times. Was just enjoying the ride!

Back down the other side.

had to stop for road construction just after “Top of the World” store. This little bird was working the stopped crowd for food.

Then onto toward Yellowstone.

Into the park.

Yellowstone is an awesome place to visit. 3.5 million acres of Park… Today I am just riding through

Lots of Bison to see

and steam off the land.

Met TJ who now rides a BMW Trike (after His Harley trike kept breaking down )

Riding west toward Boise.

Lots of road construction, and then high winds, and a storm over the mountains.

semi on fire, started a small grass fire too!

Arrived at my Childhood friends home. Spent the evening talking about life, Family, kids the ride. Really great to see Tad and Diane, and meeting his girls! Very great night. Just too bad it was too short a visit!

Was really great to see Tad and Family! Only got a photo of the two of us! It is amazing how you can just pick up where you left off, and have lots of history to draw from!!