September 9th Boise Idaho to Bend, Oregon.

Was a great evening at Tad’s Home. As Childhood friends it was easy to re-connect with all our history.

Had a realization as everyone in the house was getting up for work or school. I have lost track of what day it is, and my Ride is what my “job” is! It has taken a couple months on the road to settle into the non routines of daily life. After so many years of getting up for work and being at home, this is a transition! I am certainly getting used to it!

Mileage: only 320 Seems like a half a day.

Weather. 50’s in am, then warmed right up. High 80’s in Bend

Left Casa D Tad in the morning after checking my rear tire and deciding that is was too worn to really make it home.

Off to Big Twin BMW in Boise. Called and talked with Neil…. Yup he could mount the tire, come on over. Fortunately the rear tire I needed had just arrived

Pulled my tire in the parking lot again…. Saves a few dollars, and I have done it so many times….

Thanks Neil and Big Twin for the quick service!! off to Oregon

Riding out in the morning the strong smells of Agriculture fill the air. Loving it!

Riding across Oregon on Hwy 20. Decided to ride 20 because it has been a long time and oregon is so diverse.

Across the plains.

Rolled into WetFest at 3Pm.

The reason I came to WetFest was to connect with other Adventure riders some friends, many I had not met in person…. but it is an amazing group of people. Faces of the ADV community!!

Road Rash brings the health food from the OC.

Mark takes a ride with Mr Cob!

About 120+ ADV riders camping out.

Eric grabbed my camera and took a photos of Radioman in full conversation.

Huh … Talking with my hands! surprising