Camogreg rolls into town, to send me off

So I had to go to Gartners Meat Market to get some supplies….

CamoGreg and I have been friends since we met years ago on the PDX welcoming of CJ (an international Motocycle rider from India that the online guys sponsored to come ride in the US. We have stayed in touch over the years, and Greg was planning his own adventure and decided to ride on over to start his, and share my new riding adventure!

We start out with a great dinner on the patio. The guys that are renting my house join us, and help get dinner ready!!

It is the warmest day of the year in PDX when Greg arrives…..

And we will be up early to start riding out to the Oregon Coast to find the most westerly town in the US. Port Orford, OR (Cape Blanco light house is there).

Here is my starting mileage (on my GS since 2006) for my next chapter!

On our way out of town we stop for a quick look at the Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville (home of Mr Vern).

They built this building for the Spruce Goose.

They are just about to open the new waterslide that starts in a 747 – 4 stories up…….

setting up for the shot!

Then off to the coast. Still a beautiful 80 degree day!

Wahooo…. we can see the Pacific Ocean from HWY 101. I do my best “Motokat” pose

Greg had two objectives on the first day of riding…. Get to Port Orford, and the lighthouse at Cape Blanco. Then go to the Barnacle Bistro.

On the way we got a bit hungry. Greg thought this was the spot!

It was very good!!

Then we rode “briskly” or “Spirited” as Greg calls it on the nice twisty road to the coast out of Corvalis.

Made a quick stop in Yachats……

Greg was thinking about Raindog…….

Then back on the road…… Camogreg captures this photo in honor of Sunnysideup Greg and I were law abiding riders until we rode with Erica

Always great to ride HWY 101 along the pacific ocean!! (sorry for the blurry shot…still getting things tuned in.)

Heteca Light house

Bandon Oregon overlook. (it is also know for some famous golf courses)

We make it to Greg’s intended starting point, farthest town on the west coast, to the farthest east coast town which is somewhere in Maine…. find his thread when he gets it started!!

Then a ride out the to Lighthouse at Cape Blanco. ooops closes at 3:30.

Closed gate….

That will not stop us

Greg out at the Lighthouse!!

we both made it!

We decide that the rain is starting to move in and there is a great State Campground with Cabins for $39.00 per night with Water view, Showers with hot water, fire pit etc.

Then a quick ride down to the beach…. Greg is reminded of CJ’s first view of the pacific Ocean and a ride on the beach!!

Greg wondering if it was a good idea…

But off we go…. Big GS’s on the beach riding!

Very cool ride along the beach….

Softer sand…

Heading back…..

Deep soft sand…Big GS….. = Stuck

We get it out, and we are on our way again. 4 wheel recommended, but we only have two

After that little adventure it was on to Sectors, Barnacle Bistro in Gold beach for dinner….. Finally greg and feel good about the sticker on his bike from the Bistro !

Had the world famous fish and chips ….

As noted earlier Greg ratted me out as he had the King size and and I had the “queen” size which was more than enough as you can see!

Tourist map on the ceiling caught my attention….

Upon closer inspection….. Someone in the New Zealand office of tourism must have made up this map.

Sun setting over Heteca Light house. Amazing! photo misses the awesome sunset …. Camera set up issues

End of a great first day out on the road.