Couple more updates about antarctica.

Once the ship gets to Antarctica, we are very busy with landings and activities. One afternoon we landed on Peterman Island (, had to chuckle, but no one knew why it was named this) And about 50 people snowshoed to the top to the island!

Up we go …. this was a really steep hill.

Then we got to the top. Amazing views. Really! The photos do this no justice.

Michel trying the Radioman Jump

Suzanne Gives it a try…..

Then Radioman!! Like my hat.

My roommates of 203 + Honorary member Suzanne

Antarctica is really an amazing place. The vastness and wildlife is spectacular. There are 78 Research stations and it is internationally regulated even if some countries claim parts of it. Reading stories of exploration of Shackleton, Amundson, and Wilkins are amazing.

And huge Icebergs see the large Zodiac for a little scale (80-90% below the waterline)

The wildlife like the Leopard Seals (thanks to Passenger Suzanne for her awesome photo)

Nesting Penguins. Adeile chicks…. (thanks to Suzanne again)

And then being on the bow of a big ship (100M) navigating icebergs and ice flows.

Stunning place to visit!!