Still riding and Enjoying the Beautiful country I live in!

Somedays I cannot not get the report written, so it seems out of joint as others know where I am.

After I had such a good time in Roseville with ICS and family, it was time to continue on.

Amazing meeting up with CHP officer Oscar

Then made my way to stay with Kenny M. We had communicated years ago, as we both were experiencing the devastation of Early Alzheimer’s Disease. It was great to meet him in person and along with Linda!

Fun to see a garage full of bikes

Left Santa Rosa in the morning and made my way out to the coast! Still a chilly morning ride!

But Hwy 1 was sunny and clear! A road trip on the PCH should be on every ones Bucket List. If you ride a motorbike, you should move it up on your List Great Road ride. With more time, you could find some good dual sporting off into the hills as well

Hwy 1 winds along the coast, and has stunning views.

But the road is so great to ride, I find it hard to stop and take photos!! But for all of the inmates folioing along. I do it!

The things I do…..

There were a couple areas with some frost…

or where they have put gravel down.

Couple stops before I move away from the Pacific Ocean.

After Fort Bragg…. The road goes through a couple small towns, then heads up the hills to Leggett. It’s 22 miles of twisty roads (some 300+ turns in 22 miles). Motorcycle Bliss.

Breathe in the fresh air. Reflect on the beauty of the place!! Then mount up with the excitement of a road I love to ride …… Not too Briskly this time of year, but still love it!

It’s natural beauty is wonderful!

And then it’s done. Big Smile on my face…..

Then Up to the Avenue of the Giants off Hwy 101 north of Leggett.

36+ miles winding through these Big redwood trees. The fresh smell of forest and the majesty of these trees reaching skyward! Magic!

I rode north to Arcata. Stopped for the night! Nice blue skies. I can live with the cool temperatures!!

Friday Dec 13th, 2013 I will ride back into Oregon