On the Road Again. After a very brief stop at home to switch to the F800GS and connect with friends…. I’m off!

Getting ready for the next part of the journey as been hectic getting the bike packed and ready for the next 1-2 years.
But I was ready last night, and decided it was time to take off my watch….. No longer need to be on the clock

Also cleaned the bugs off my Helmet, put on a new face shield, and new internal pads. Just like new!

Was up early to meet with my good friends like we have done over the past 16 + years. Sharing our faith, encouraging one another to be the best Men we can, and sharing our lives together.

They have been supportive for many years.

The clouds we in a big layer…. to the south it is blue sky!

Gas prices on my way through Oregon.

Rode the slab south. MT Shasta was looking good!

Rolling along the road. My Spot GPS locator on my sleeve.

IceCreamSoldier had PM’d me with an offer to stay on my way south. He had been encouraging as I cared for Chris, and knew I needed to meet him and his family. So Roseville was my stopping point for the day. 575 miles from home. I rode into his driveway and was greeted warmly with a parking spot in the garage.

We had a great evening with a great dinner Paul cooked, and time spent meeting his kids and Wife Jill.
to ICS Family!! What a terrific way to start the next part of my trip!

During the evening Paul asked me if I would be willing to speak to his daughters 4th grade school as the “special Guest” in the morning before heading south. Of course, this will be a fun way to share the trip!!